logo Healing Modalities
REFLEXOLOGY – A natural Healing Art based upon the belief that every gland, part and organ of our bodies is located in the reflexes of our Feet, Hands and Ears. By working these reflexes, our bodies are encouraged to heal naturally without any adverse side effects.

HEALING PATHWAY – A natural Energy Healing Therapy based on the belief that we have the ability to heal naturally with God’s energy. Through a light touch, and God’s will (universal energies) our energy fields are balanced on all our levels of being... body, mind and soul. Expressions used to describe:
“God willing” – an English expression
“Insha’Allah” – meaning God willing
“Deus vult” – meaning God wills it
“Masha’Allah” – meaning God has willed it

UPPER AND LOWER BODY CIRCULATION – help improve the circulation of blood and lymph to flow throughout your body. 

CHI MACHINE - stimulates our bodies with "figure 8" oscillations helping to : Counteract the effects of stress / Relax the muscles in the back to improve flexibility, movement and pain / Promote blood cell production, blood circulation and tissue oxygenation / Relax muscles  /  Enhance lymphatic drainage  /  help with digestion / Stimulate the flow of “Chi” energy throughout the entire body.
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